8/07/10—at the NYRR Team Championships 5M/picnic in Central Park
We're friends of Filipinos and our coach is Filipino. But with some 20 different nationalities in our small group, we are also very diverse!
  • Our runners range from the very fast to the very slow. Runners of all abilities can improve their running and reach their objectives more easily if they join our club. Run faster, run longer, run more easily, lose weight, and — more importantly — meet great people!
  • Our RRCA-certified and USATF-certified coaches design the best speed/tempo workouts available in NYC every week. They are also available to give advice to new runners and help them achieve their running goals. Jud, the club's founder, has coached and trained athletes of all abilities since 2004, sharing his 40 years' experience as a competitive runner (33:50 10K, 1:14 Half-marathon).
  • Come on out and join our group runs and see if we're a good fit for you!

Jud Santos, AdoboAC@gmail.com

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Tuesday Night Speedwork, 7:00pm:
Meet on the bridle path near Tavern on the Green. Here's a map of where we meet: https://goo.gl/maps/fqX8CmvuFn32 (Note: meet-up spot may sometimes vary. The coach will inform you when it does.) Coaches: Jud Santos with Warren Bush

Thursday Night Chicken Run (social run), 7:15pm:
Meet near the Fred Lebow Statue at Engineers' Gate (East 90th St. entrance to Central Park). Social Group Run, 10-minute mile pace. Here's a map of where we meet: https://goo.gl/maps/7o8nMFwD1hC2 Run Leader: Warren

Summer Weekend Long Runs:
Meet-up location varies. Brunch follows! Run Leader: various

  • Tuesday Night Speed meet-up spot (Google Maps) (location may sometimes vary, but this map is the Tavern on the Green location)
  • Thursday Night Run meet-up spot (Google Maps) (Engineers' Gate near the Fred Lebow statue)
  • Athlinks (athlinks.com) (they claim to be "The Largest Race Results Database on the Planet")
  • NYC Runs (NYCRuns.com) (a cool alternative to New York Road Runners)
  • New York Road RunnersRace Results Archive
  • Age-Grading Calculator (Howard Grubb Athletics)
  • Age-Grading Calculator (MastersAthletics.net)


    Event Adoban Gender/
    City, State Distance Finish
    per Mile
    PR = personal record for that distance
    SB = season's/year's best time
    XC = cross-country course
    debut = first race of that distance
    age-grade = world rank based on age
    age-grade SB = best % of the year
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    Ted Corbitt 15K
    Central Park, New York, NY
    December 10, 2016
    Foroughi, ChamimF27New York, NY15 km1:33:16.110:0149.23 %debut
    Esguerra, MarlonM42Queens, NY15 km1:40:13.010:4642.80 %
    Race to Deliver
    Central Park, New York, NY
    November 20, 2016
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France4 miles27:10.46:4762.37 %
    Esguerra, MarlonM42Queens, NY4 miles34:02.08:3052.90 %age-grade SB
    Philadelphia Half Marathon
    Philadelphia, PA
    November 19, 2016
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF45Germany13.1 miles2:03:569:2756.62 %10km split: 57:32
    Big Easy Running Festival Half Marathon
    New Orleans, LA
    November 19, 2016
    Lanusse, AdrienM45New York, NY13.1 miles1:37:057:2564.33 %
    Cerniglia, KennethM45New York, NY13.1 miles2:00:519:1451.68 %
    Gatton, VinceM47New York, NY13.1 miles2:10:199:5748.73 %
    Hall, MillerM49New York, NY13.1 miles2:15:1710:2047.74 %
    New York City Marathon
    Staten Island to Central Park, New York, NY
    November 6, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY42.195 km3:37:31.48:1762.55 %debut / Boston Marathon qualifier
    5K splits: 27:24/25:56/26:01/26:09/


    Half-mar. splits: 1:51:18/1:46:14

    (negative splits!)

    Cherukupalli, RajeevM38India42.195 km4:23:34.610:0347.42 %PR by 15 minutes
    5K splits: 28:44/28:59/29:12/29:48/


    Half-mar. splits: 2:03:20/2:20:15

    Rivera, RandyM41New York, NY42.195 km4:30:11.010:1847.12 %PR by 4 minutes
    5K splits: 29:34/28:12/29:50/30:06/


    Half-mar. splits: 2:04:48/2:25:24

    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY42.195 km4:44:20.010:5044.77 %debut
    5K splits: 28:44/28:44/28:50/29:49/


    Half-mar. splits: 2:03:09/2:41:12

    Buffa, PatriciaF33Italy42.195 km4:05:58.59:2255.20 %debut
    5K splits: 30:34/27:14/27:25/28:05/


    Half-mar. splits: 1:59:36/2:06:23

    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY42.195 km3:57:55.59:0452.82 %5K splits: 27:04/27:23/28:00/28:31/


    Half-mar. splits: 1:57:07/2:00:49

    Esguerra, MarlonM42Queens, NY42.195 km4:39:45.310:4045.86 %5K splits: 31:00/30:48/30:44/32:02/


    Half-mar. splits: 2:12:22/2:27:24

    Cholmondeley, MaritsaF35San Francisco, CA42.195 km6:50:30.715:3933.23 %9th NYC Marathon
    5K splits: 42:41/42:40/43:09/48:44/


    Half-mar. splits: 3:10:19/3:40:12

    Dash to the Finish Line
    Central Park, New York, NY
    November 5, 2015
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF45Germany5 km26:54.68:39.758.39 %PR
    age-grade % PR (all distances)
    Marathon Kick-Off
    Central Park, New York, NY
    October 30, 2016
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY5 miles40:19.908:0454.75 %
    Esguerra, MarlonM41Queens, NY5 miles44:47.68:5750.42 %
    Staten Island Half
    Staten Island, New York, NY
    October 9, 2016
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France13.1 miles1:40:37.97:4058.02 %SB
    5K splits: 23:11/23:28/24:38/24:02
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY13.1 miles1:44:04.67:5663.08 %training run
    5K splits: 25:36/24:28/25:09/23:56
    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY13.1 miles2:00:40.39:1250.10 %training run
    5K splits: 28:20/27:50/31:30/27:24
    Esguerra, MarlonM42Queens, NY13.1 miles2:03:15.89:2449.42 %SB
    5K splits: 28:23/27:57/30:48/29:42
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY13.1 miles1:49:14.08:2054.63 %5K splits: 25:39/25:25/26:43/25:45
    Vardabasso, ChiaraF36Italy13.1 miles1:58:50.49:0455.61 %5K splits: 28:10/27:30/29:37/27:43
    Knapp, JeffM54New York, NY13.1 miles2:09:31.29:5352.11 %5K splits: 28:44/29:44/31:46/32:21
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey13.1 miles2:23:58.410:5945.91 %longest race ever
    5K splits: 34:03/34:14/34:53/33:23
    Grete's Great Gallop
    Central Park, New York, NY
    October 2, 2016
    Nichol, DonnaF37New York, NY13.1 miles2:11:06.510:0050.63 %
    Cherukupalli, RajeevM37India13.1 miles2:09:07.910:5741.33 %
    We Run Paris 10km Paris Centre
    Paris, France
    October 2, 2016
    Buffa, PatriciaF33Italy10 km48:117:4563.13 %PR
    5K splits: 24:36/23:35
    MightyMan Montauk Sprint Triathlon
    750m swim + 17km bike + 3mi run
    Fort Pond, Montauk, Long Island, NY
    October 2, 2016
    Lane, RachelF34United Kingdom3 miles
    20:597:0066.71 %3rd fastest female runner
    2nd F30-34 in triathlon
    Berlin Marathon
    Berlin, Germany
    September 25, 2016
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF45Germany42.195 km4:30:2710:1953.74 %PR

    5K splits: 32:47/32:44/32:18/32:51/


    Half-mar. splits: 2:17:24/2:13:03

    (negative splits!)

    Paris, France
    September 25, 2016
    Buffa, PatriciaF33Italy16 km1:26:148:4057.47 %PR
    Bronx 10M
    Bronx, NY
    September 25, 2016
    Lane, RachelF34United Kingdom10 miles1:13:55.37:2367.22 %PR

    5M splits: 37:36/36:20 (negative splits!)

    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY10 miles1:17:40.87:4663.97 %training run but a virtual PR

    5M splits: 38:35/39:06

    Desreumaux, RemiM31France10 miles1:14:33.07:2759.02 %PR (but has run faster for 13.1)

    5M splits: 38:00/36:34 (negative splits!)

    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY10 miles1:24:05.98:2454.36 %PR

    5M splits: 44:28/39:38 (negative splits!)

    Esguerra, MarlonM42Woodside, NY10 miles1:32:29.29:1449.82 %#2 best time (May '13)

    5M splits: 45:41/46:49

    NYC Marathon Tune-Up
    Central Park, New York, NY
    September 18, 2016
    Esguerra, MarlonM43Woodside, NY18 miles3:17:01.010:56
    Summer's Not Done Aqua Run
    800m swim + 3mi run
    Tobay Beach Bird and Game Sanctuary,
    Long Island, NY
    September 18, 2016
    Lane, RachelF34United Kingdom3 miles
    21:54.57:1863.89 %4th fastest female runner
    2nd fastest F30-34 runner
    11th best run of all males and females
    3rd F30-34 in swim+run
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY3 miles
    22:40.27:3361.75 %8th fastest female runner
    3rd fastest F30-34 runner
    2nd F30-34 in swim+run
    Fifth Avenue Mile
    Upper East Side, New York, NY
    September 3, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY1 mile (road)5:53.95:5371.99 %Club Record
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY1 mile (road)6:13.46:1362.61 %
    Percy Sutton Harlem 5K
    Harlem, New York, NY
    August 27, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY5 km21:07.76:4870.18 %Club Record / first 70% age-grading
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF45Germany5 km27:08.28:4457.90 %PR
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY5 km23:41.37:3757.46 %PR
    Cherukupalli, RajeevM37India5 km24:50.57:5954.04 %
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY5 km31:51.910:1545.95 %SB
    France Run
    Central Park, New York, NY
    August 21, 2016
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France8 km36:34.67:2158.04 %PR (previous best set in 2012)
    Cherukupalli, RajeevM37India8 km39:25.37:5555.00 %AG SB / best 5M since 2008
    Kak, DelphineF26France8 km48:04.99:4049.98 %
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY8 kmjust a workout
    NYRR Team Championships
    Central Park, New York, NY
    July 30, 2016
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey5 miles45:45.59:0953.42 %
    Cherukupalli, RajeevM37India5 miles41:27.88:1752.58 %
    Boomer's Cystic Fibrosis Run to Breathe
    Central Park, New York, NY
    July 16, 2016
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey4 miles35:18.38:4954.77 %
    Cherukupalli, RajeevM37India4 miles32:11.78:0253.95 %AG SB
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY4 miles32:43.38:1053.82 %
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY4 milesjust a workout
    Achilles Hope & Possibility
    Central Park, New York, NY
    June 26, 2016
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF45Germany4 miles36:07.39:0156.52 %SB
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey4 miles35:45.78:5654.07 %
    Front Runners New York LGBT Pride Run
    Central Park, New York, NY
    June 25, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY5 miles35:59.57:1167.53 %PR / best AG% for any distance
    Lane, RachelF34United Kingdom5 miles37:05.67:2565.53 %#2 best time (Jun '14)
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey5 miles45:03.59:0054.25 %PR
    Queens 5K
    Flushing Meadows Corona Park,
    Queens, New York, NY
    June 18, 2016
    Lane, RachelF34United Kingdom5 km21:53.97:0267.71 %4th in 30-34 age group
    NYRR PR (#2 best time)
    Queens 10K
    Flushing Meadows Corona Park,
    Queens, New York, NY
    June 18, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY10 km45:20.77:1767.20 %PR (also PR for 5K)
    5km splits: 22:24/22:57
    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY10 km49:26.87:5756.48 %PR
    5km splits: 24:51/24:36
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey10 km57:33.69:1553.24 %#2 best time (11 Jun '16)
    5km splits: 28:21/29:13
    Mini 10K
    Central Park, New York, NY
    June 11, 2016
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey10 km56:36.29:0654.14 %PR
    Nichol, DonnaF36New York, NY10 km1:03:19.710:1148.39 %first race in 4 years
    Retro 4-Miler
    Central Park, New York, NY
    June 5, 2016
    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY4 miles30:57.27:4457.73 %PR / best AG% of any distance over 1M
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey4 miles35:05.58:4655.11 %age-grade SB / #2 best time (Apr '16)
    Cherukupalli, RajeevM37India4 miles32:50.08:1252.90 %
    Brooklyn Half
    Prospect Park to Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY
    May 21, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY13.1 miles1:38:42.27:3266.51 %5km splits: 22:48/23:48/23:14/23:25
    PR (first sub-1:40) / PR for 10K (46:36)
    Haws, DavidM37New York, NY13.1 miles1:32:35.67:0463.81 %5km splits: 23:10/22:43/21:01/21:06
    Mesina, MichaelM39Philippines13.1 miles1:37:26.07:2661.24 %5km splits: 21:53/23:14/23:05/23:43
    Knapp, JeffM5413.1 miles2:01:56.09:1855.35 %5km splits: 28:10/29:15/28:52/29:03
    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY13.1 miles1:52:08.18:3353.91 %5km splits: 26:43/27:35/26:27/25:17
    debut half-marathon
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France13.1 miles1:52:32.58:3551.88 %5km splits: 21:53/24:34/29:21/30:21
    Potenciano, RheaF47Rego Park, NY13.1 miles2:40:08.812:1344.71 %5km splits: 30:32/32:44/47:07/42:31
    Healthy Kidney 10K
    Central Park, New York, NY
    May 14, 2016
    Mesina, MichaelM39Philippines10 km46:02.57:2459.77 %
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF45Germany10 km57:15.29:1256.67 %age-grade SB
    DaCosta, RichardM52Oakland, CA10 km56:37.59:0653.97 %
    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY10 km54:32.48:4651.21 %
    Cherukupalli, RajeevM37India10 km53:29.88:3650.85 %best time in 8 years (2008)
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY10 km1:05:18.010:3045.62 %
    Japan Run
    Central Park, New York, NY
    May 8, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY4 miles28:34.17:0867.32 %PR by 2'45"
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France4 miles28:52.17:1358.71 %
    Tom, AlfredM41New York, NY4 miles31:25.37:5156.87 %PR
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF45Germany4 miles36:11.09:0256.42 %age-grade SB
    Kentucky Derby Festival miniMarathon
    Louisville, KY
    April 30, 2016
    Hall, MillerM48New York, NY13.1 miles1:51:168:2957.55 %10km split: 51:00
    Gatton, VinceM46New York, NY13.1 miles1:55:038:4654.73 %10km split: 54:46 / PR
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY13.1 miles2:28:1011:1843.59 %10km split: 1:08:09 / 10th lifetime Derby
    Run As One
    Central Park, New York, NY
    April 24, 2016
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France4 miles26:42.66:4063.46 %age-grade SB / #2 best time (May '13)
    Mesina, MichaelM39Philippines4 miles30:49.27:4257.14 %
    Colak, DilekF36Turkey4 miles35:31.18:5254.44 %
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY4 miles33:50.58:2752.03 %
    Asciutti, StefaniaF37Italy4 miles39:15.29:4849.44 %
    10km du Bois de Boulogne
    Paris, France
    April 24, 2016
    Buffa, PatriciaF33Italy10 km50:238:0760.37 %PR
    MORE/SHAPE Women's Half-Marathon
    Central Park, New York, NY
    April 17, 2016
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF44Germany13.1 miles2:12:39.710:0752.41 %SB
    City Parks Foundation Run for the Parks
    Central Park, New York, NY
    April 10, 2016
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France4 miles27:15.56:4862.18 %age-grade SB
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF44Germany4 miles36:42.99:1055.14 %age-grade SB
    Colak, DilekF35Turkey4 miles35:03.18:4555.00 %PR / age-grade SB
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY4 miles32:39.18:0953.93 %
    Asciutti, StefaniaF37Italy4 miles38:53.89:4349.90 %
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY4 miles44:01.111:0043.14 %
    NYCRUNS Ladies First Half Marathon
    Brooklyn, NY
    April 2, 2016
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF44Germany13.1 miles2:16:1510:2451.39 %
    Scotland Run
    Central Park, New York, NY
    April 2, 2016
    Desreumaux, RemiM31France10 km44:35.27:1059.94 %age-grade SB
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY10 km51:40.68:1953.25 %
    Colak, DilekF35Turkey10 km59:01.69:3051.75 %PR
    Central Park Spring Classic 10K
    Central Park, New York, NY
    March 26, 2016
    Colak, DilekF35Turkey10 km1:00:49.99:4750.22 %
    NYC Half
    Central Park to Financial District, New York, NY
    March 20, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF34New York, NY13.1 miles1:40:37.97:4065.24 %5km splits: 24:24/24:26/23:14/23:22
    PR by 5'26" / PR for 10K (48:50)
    Vardabasso, ChiaraF36Italy13.1 miles1:57:06.28:5656.44 %5km splits: 28:00/28:11/27:42/27:19
    Desreumaux, RemiM30France13.1 miles1:43:36.57:5456.35 %5km splits: 25:34/24:44/23:49/24:26
    Cerniglia, KennethM44New York, NY13.1 miles1:54:02.68:4254.30 %5km splits: 27:13/27:09/26:51/26:44
    Esguerra, MarlonM41Queens, NY13.1 miles2:42:55.612:2637.10 %5km splits: 38:59/39:36/36:39/39:34
    NYCRUNS Spring Fling 10K
    Roosevelt Island, NY
    March 19, 2016
    Hofmeyer, KerstinF44Germany10 km1:03:0510:0951.14 %
    Washington Heights Salsa, Blues &
    Shamrocks 5K (fka Coogan's 5K)

    Washington Heights, New York, NY
    March 6, 2016
    Funderburk, SarahF33New York, NY5 km22:52.57:2164.70 %PR
    Asciutti, StefaniaF37Italy5 km25:11.68:0659.38 %
    Palan, NathanM39New York, NY5 km25:11.48:0654.04 %
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY5 km33:55.510:5543.16 %
    Al Gordon 4M
    Central Park, New York, NY
    February 20, 2016
    Desreumaux, RemiM30France4 miles28:50.07:1258.69 %
    Gridiron 4M
    Central Park, New York, NY
    February 7, 2016
    Bush, WarrenM49New York, NY4 miles46:32.511:3840.80 %
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